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A full range of protective sunglasses styled for the young that provide UVA/UVB protection. Sun protection for young eyes: It’s a monkey monkey passion.

The best solution for protecting children’s eyes from UV exposure is simple – ensure they wear sunglasses that have UV protection.

Wearing hats and staying in the shade help reduce UV exposure, but are not a substitute for the protection achieved by wearing sunglasses because UV rays can reflect off a variety of surfaces.

Monkey Monkey

Eye protection

The monkey monkey range has been developed with paramount importance placed upon the protection of children’s eyes. All our glasses provide UVA/UVB protection and include a free case and cleaning cloth. All our lenses are UV400 and bear the European CE mark.

The collection was designed with mini-me in mind and has colourful array of styles from cool aviators and practical foldable frames, through to oversized cateye frames to tropical prints. The glasses range from age 3 - 11 years.

Made For Mums Awards 2017 Logo

The monkey monkey range is the winner of the Made for Mum awards 2017
for Family travel product £15-30.

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About our sunglasses

  • Durable frames designed for little hands
  • Our lenses are fully protective against UVA and UVB
  • 'Mini Me Styling' to look just like mum and dad
  • Five new styles for 2017
Mum Approved by Made for Mums

The styles Maddie & Alex from the 2017 collection also won the ‘Mum Approved’ award.

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Children’s eyes need extra protection from the sun now as the likely risks from unprotected sun exposure later in life are too big to ignore.

This is due to:

*Sources: The Vision Council and World Health Organisation

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